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Lighting Controls

CA452001EN - March 2015

Modular Lighting Controls

Simple to install and set up, Modular Lighting

Controls offer the opportunity to create individually

tailored systems to meet the requirements of

many types of applications. The controls provide

up to three groups of dimming control, with the

option of adding PIR detection as standard. To this

basic module can be added daylight linking, scene

setting, or a combination of both extra features.

The modular design allows for the simple and

straightforward future expansion or augmentation

of the system, by supplementing existing modules

and adding photocells or PIR detectors, without

a costly full-scale re-wire. For ease of ordering,

the modules are supplied as kits to meet specific

project requirements.

• 3 channel dimming control as standard

• Facility to add PIR detectors to any channel

• Daylight linking system available

• Scene setting facility available

• Simple to install and set up

• Modular design for easy future expansion