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Lighting Controls

CA452001EN - March 2015

Integrated IP Sensor

Integrated Occupancy and Photocell Sensors

With the lighting load of a commercial building accounting for

around 30% of the energy to run it, reducing the lighting load

through controls and daylight harvesting can have a significant

effect in reducing the energy consumed. This is a win win where

the building operator reduces running costs, the occupant receives

an improved lighting scheme and it is also of benefit to the


Full dimming and daylight harvesting functions are provided by the

Intelligent Lighting System described on page 459 and the LCM

on page 494.

Standard Height Intergrated IP Sensor

The IP sensor provides basic PIR occupancy detection and a

photocell for daylilght threshold switching.

The daylight threshold is set so the sensor will hold off the

luminaire if there is sufficient ambient light.

If there is insufficient ambienet light and occupancy is detected

by the PIR the luminaire will be switched on. The luminaire will

remain on while occupancy is detected and then for the set time

delay after no further occupancy.

Setting the time delay and light level threshold is achieved by 2

rotary potentiometer on the sensor head.

The standard sensors have a recommended mounting height

of up to 3m and create a detection cone with a diameter of 2 x

mounting height on the floor for seated activity, 2.4 x mounting

height for walking towards the sensor and up to 4 x mounting

height for walking across the detection zone.

Common Features of the Standard and Intergrated ‘IP’


• Elegant sensor head linked to a slimline control module via RJ

plug for simple integration into luminaires

• The sensor heads are retained by simple spring clips in the

requisite hole cut out of ~ 28mmØ

• A photocell for threshold light level switching control with

adjustment from 10 to 2000 lux via the rotary potentiometer on

the sensor head

• They can be stand alone within a luminaire or operate as

master/slaves with appropriate wiring (available on request)

• The master slave arrangement takes the lux reading of the

master only, the slaves operate on occupancy only

It is recommended to position the master furthest from the

natural light so as not to cause slave luminaires to be over


• The time delay can be set between 15 seconds and 30 minutes

using the rotary potentiometer on the sensor head

• The ambient temperature range is -25° to +50° (luminaire

ambient range may differ)

Luminaire Range Compatibility

The ‘IP’ sensor is a standard option on Crompack 5 battens and

Modulay recessed luminaires used with louvre accessories.

It provides switching with occupancy on HF control gear and can

invoke “corridor function” when used with compatible dimming

control gear.

For further information contact our technical support and

application department on 01302 303240 or email

Standard height IP sensor

Rotary potentiometers on sensor head