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Lighting Controls

CA452001EN - March 2015

Microwave Sensor

This discrete microwave detector is supplied already integrated

into our luminaires to provide occupancy/motion detection with

simple adjustment of detection range, time out and switching light


• Simple set up and operation

• Up to 360° detection (subject to mounting orientation)

• 1m to 5m diameter detection range, up to 8m diameter

• 2 to 30 lux switching for twilight operation subject to mounting

and luminaire compatibility

• 5sec to 25min time delay


An HF or microwave detector operates differently to a Passive

Infra-Red detector (PIR), it is important to understand the main

operational differences to ensure the correct device is used for the


Unlike motion detectors with PIR technology, this high frequency

(HF) motion detector emits a 5.8 GHz signal.

Movement is detected by a change in frequency of waves

reflected by a moving object within the detection zone. Vibration

or moving machinery may also trigger the device.

The HF detectors are almost temperature-independent, whereas

temperature is the basis for the PIR motion detectors temperature

measuring process.

Infra-red waves from a PIR detector do not pass through walls,

but high frequency waves can do. As a consequence, it may not

be possible to have the clear boundary of a room wall when using

an HF occupancy detector. Therefore, movement of people or

machinery in adjacent rooms may also be detected and activate

the device, resulting in lights activating unnecessarily.

The HF sensor is ideally suited to integration within luminaires

with panels or diffusers through which a PIR’s detection and

functionality may be impaired.

The sensor is often set to daylight to deactivate the photocell to

avoid false switching due to proximity to the lamps.Integrated Microwave Detector

Detection Zone



Range and sensitivity can be set by the 3 dip switches

The chosen range can be varied from 1 to 5m. Avoid locating the

device near a heating or air conditioning source.


43 mm