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Lighting Controls

CA452001EN - March 2015

LED Driver Selection

Driver Selection

Each range has a recommended driver listed against it though

some installations may require different characteristics, for

example, particular dimensional requirements or capable of

operating more than one luminaire.

The following tables list the range of drivers on offer, supported

with technical data and a column indicating the number of 1W

LEDs they are capable of driving.

This step by step guide will aid selection of the required driver(s).

1. From the information on the product page note the

following details:

• LED type and LED quantity within the luminaire.

• The recommended drive current or voltage

• Any dimensional constraints related to the installation,

e.g. the cut out aperture of the luminaire.

2. Find the appropriate section of the table for the type of

driver required:

• Constant Current - Fixed output

• Constant Current - Dimmable

• High Ingress Protection

• Colour Changing

• Constant Voltage - Fixed output

• Constant Voltage - Dimmable

3. Look at the input current or voltage column to find those

drivers matching that required by the luminaire.

4. Cross check the number of LEDs the driver can operate is

sufficient for the product(s)

• Note some drivers have a minimum load requirement.

For example the LS-PD312 needs a minimum of three

1W LEDs to be connected to it for it to operate


5. Check the driver is dimensionally suited to the application.

6. This process may show several drivers are suitable for the

chosen luminaire. Refine the selection by checking the other

characteristics such as IP rating or power factor and also refer

to the latest price list to compare the cost.

Driver Selection Examples

Example 1

Four fixed colour GR5-3K2-CW45C in-ground luminaires, with all

four to be driven by one fixed output driver.

Each luminaire contains three 1W LEDs and requires a 350mA

drive current. Assuming the driver is to be mounted indoors

remotely from the product with no dimensional or Ingress

Protection constraints.

This produces the following selection results:

LS-PD312 will run up to 12 x 1W LEDs at 350mA so will run the

four GR5-3K2 luminaires

LS-PBX27 will run up to 27 x 1W LEDs at 350mA (split over 3

channels) so will run up to nine GR5-3K2 luminaires

In this case the LS-PD312 may be the best choice as it is smaller

and lower cost than the LS-PBX27.

Example 2

The same GR5-3K2-CW45C as example 1 but with one driver

per luminaire with the driver being installed beneath the fitting

assuming in an application where IP40 is suitable protection

results in the following option:

LS-MN03 will run up to 3 x 1W LEDs at 350mA so will run one

GR5-3K2 luminaire and with its small physical size will fit easily

through the cut out and sit within the ground sleeve beneath the


Eaton’s specialist LED team are able to provide support and

assistance with project design and specification. For further

details contact our LED Technical Support and Application Dept on

01302 303240 or to arrange a visit from your local Specialist Sales

Engineer, contact our Customer Care Centre on 01302 303303