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Lighting Controls

CA452001EN - March 2015

LED Controls

A whole new dimension in lighting is now available with LEDs.

The ability to dynamically change colour enables the designer to

create effects never seen or experienced before. As the colour is

generated at source there is no need for filters which absorb the

light. Combining different coloured LEDs provides the ability to

generate any colour in the spectrum, both fixed and dynamically

changing. The possibilities are endless.

Colour Change Driver

All RGB luminaires are

supplied complete with RJ45

plug for simple connection

into a colour change driver.

RGB Luminaires

A wide range of Eaton’s

architectural luminaires

integrate Red, Green and

Blue LEDs to provide colour

change capability.

User Control

A powerful yet user friendly

control unit provides multiple

default scenes and shows

with the ability to programme

bespoke colours and effects.

Eaton’s specialist LED team are able to provide support and

assistance with project design and specification. For further details

contact our Lighting Technical Support and Application Dept on

01302 303240 or to arrange a visit from your local Specialist Sales

Engineer, contact our Customer Care Centre on 01302 303303.