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CA452001EN - March 2015


Lighting Design Software

Professional lighting design requires detailed luminaire

photometric and product design data. Eaton’s advanced

photometric facility produces accurate performance data for all

product types and light sources, including LEDs.

Eaton provides its customers with this information in partnership

with the leading lighting design software packages to enable

accurate and detailed design to be created.

Relux is a simple and intuitive lighting design software package

which enables you to produce designs efficiently and accurately.

Construction of rooms, structural elements and the positioning

of luminaires, objects and furniture, is done by a simple library

driven menu system. A comprehensive selection of materials

and textures can be allocated to your design elements, adding a

realistic touch to rendered outputs including the facility to show

effective walk through visualisations of your projects. For more

complex designs the import and export functions for 2D dxf and

dwg files significantly reduce your design time.

Detailed artificial light simulations can be created for interior

and outdoor projects based on BS EN 12464-1 & -2, emergency

lighting designs based on EN 1838, roads based on EN 13201, and

sports grounds and daylight based on CIE.

Additionally with the Relux energy unit you are able to calculate

the energy performance of the lighting scheme to EN15193


A comprehensive results list enables you to construct reports

exactly to your client’s needs, from simple basic calculations to

full rendered imagery and results tables.

For more information and free download of the Relux software,


With simple to use features and powerful photo realistic

visualisations, DIALux is a popular lighting design tool used around

the world.

DIALux can import the CAD data from other architecture

programmes to support your design and produce wild camera runs

through your visualisation.

The software package also determines the energy your light

solution requires and supports you in complying with the

respective national and international regulations.

For more information and free download of the DIALux software,


light simulation tools