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CA452001EN - March 2015


Good vertical illumination is important for all types

of environments. The latest office lighting standards

call for a comfortable, balanced illumination of

the walls to minimise eye strain and alleviate the

gloomy appearance sometimes experienced with

traditional louvred luminaires, whilst retail areas

require excellent illumination of shelving and wall

displays to maximise sales. The Moduwall range

addresses the needs of all of these applications,

utilising the latest efficient light sources and

carefully designed reflector profiles, to produce

superb, uniform distribution. Special kick reflectors,

on T5 lamp versions, ensure that the wall is

illuminated up to the ceiling line.

• Advanced reflector design for superb, uniform


• Innovative T5 kick reflector to achieve full wall


• Aids lighting scheme design to comply with

LG7 and BS EN 12464-1

• Attractive surface T5 option

• Choice of high efficiency lamps to enable the

appropriate performance lamp to be selected

for the application