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Surface and Suspended

CA452001EN - March 2015

Waveform T5

Waveform T5 offers enhanced levels of visual

comfort and a contemporary, attractive profile.

Designed exclusively for use with T5 lamps,

Waveform T5 is available with a 65°-1500cd/m


satin louvre or a perforated diffuser, the former

being ideal for VDT office applications. Both

attachments are suspended below a distinctive

wing profile reflector, providing soft and wide light

distribution, illuminating the ceiling and vertical

surfaces to create an improved visual environment.

Waveform T5 is also easy to install, with a first fix

body spine providing a mechanical and electrical

base onto which the wing reflector and selected

optical attachment is rapidly assembled.

• Aids lighting scheme design to comply with

LG7 and BS EN 12464-1

• Distinctive and attractive architectural profile

to enhance any installation

• Comfortable, soft lighting effect

• Excellent vertical to horizontal luminance balance

• 65°-1500cd/m


satin louvre for VDT areas

• Perforated diffuser for general illumination

• Choice of high efficiency or high output T5 lamps

to allow the most appropriate light output for the