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Testing and Maintenance

Emergency lighting is first and foremost a life-safety system, designed to help occupants evacuate a building without injury in the event of a mains power failure. It must, therefore, be maintained in a peak state of readiness. If the emergency lighting fails to function properly, then lives could be put at risk, and organisations and responsible individuals can be prosecuted.

To help prevent such situations arising, the Fire Safety Order places a mandatory obligation on building occupiers to carry out regular testing and inspection of emergency lighting systems in accordance with the requirements of BS 5266.

It is not enough to fit an emergency lighting system and then just forget about it. Cooper Lighting, therefore, offers a full preventative maintenance package for all its emergency lighting systems. The company was the first emergency lighting manufacturer to receive third-party accreditation under the new BAFE SP203-4 scheme, which provides a way for organisations to demonstrate their competence in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of emergency lighting systems.

The test regime of BS 5266 requires a monthly operational test of the emergency lighting, which may be carried out by users if they are capable of doing so, plus a full-duration discharge test once a year. The annual test should be performed by a competent engineer, who must ensure that the occupants of the building remain safe both during the test and while the system recharges.

We have a team of trained, highly skilled engineers available across the UK, and our service and maintenance agreements can be tailored to suit your individual requirements. At each scheduled maintenance visit, we will provide you with a system status report and update your service log. These records can then be used to demonstrate that your system has been tested according to BS 5266. We will also identify any faults with the system and provide quotations for rectification work.

With a Cooper Lighting service contract, your emergency lighting system will be tested and maintained by skilled engineers who know the equipment inside out. It’s hassle-free and you will have complete peace of mind that you have discharged your legal responsibilities.